Sheltering in Place

Dear Beloved Community,
On this first day of Colorado’s mandatory shelter in place, there is a pleasant quietness all around me as I sit on my deck soaking in the warmth of God’s love through sunshine! I hear springtime bird songs and an occasional goose honk. I see a few folks unhurriedly walking their dogs. A moment ago a father was out with his young daughter as they played together. I feel the cool breeze tickling my skin.

And, I hold each of you close to my heart! We are a Beloved Community when we gather in person and when we are far apart sheltered in God’s love in our homes. That’s the thing about being sheltered in place – God is there with us! God’s love surrounds us. The Holy Spirit connects us with a deep abiding love, comforting and strengthening is for this new journey!

The Season of Lent has taken on a new awareness for me. I feel as if I’m displaced with the Hebrew people in the wilderness, will this last as long? I feel as if I’m with Jesus in the desert hungry, isolated, and tempted to break the mandate to stay inside, will this last 40 days and night?
I feel as if Jesus’ sacrificial living is being boldly embodied by healthcare workers, grocery store and pharmacy employees, janitors, sanitation workers, first responders. As all these people care for our wider community – risking their own wellbeing and health to care for the sick and most vulnerable, to keep our neighborhoods clean, to provide food and medicine to the throngs of us who are dependent on their very lives!
This Season of Lent I feel as if I’m living in that liminal space of Holy Saturday, when death has occurred and the tomb is full, yet believing in the promise of resurrection joy! Resurrection follows suffering and death and bursts forth during grief and sorrow, and loneliness and fear. Resurrection – new life – joy – is the end and beginning of the story of God’s love of us.
These last weeks of Lent have been an emotional time for many of us! There are the ups and downs of changing rules, available or unavailable groceries, the distance of loved ones living far away, the joys of new birth, and the gladness if Zoom worship connecting us in new ways. During these days of shelter in place, be reminded of God’s good love, Jesus’ companionship, and the Holy Spirit’s comforting and encouraging presence – all calling us to compassion and mercy for our communities and world!

Always remember, Easter Resurrection is dependent only on God’s faithfulness. And, we know, God is always faithful! Easter Resurrection is offered anew each day! No one can trump the love of God in Jesus Christ! Be well! Reach out to me, Pastor Amy or Pastor Wayne for a prayer or words of love! Call, text, chat with family and friends, and with your Beloved Community – folks from MVUC! We are here for each other – we are Christ’s presence and filled with God’s love for each other, we are the Holy Spirit’s connection to one another!! Let us stay connected and beloved in the weeks to come! I look forward to seeing your faces and your voices through Zoom Worship this Sunday!!
Peace and Blessing,

Pastor Tracy