W.I.S.E Congregationfor Mental Health


WISE Congregation
for Mental Health


Mountain View United Church is the first church in North America (and the seventh church overall) to be certified as a WISE Congregation for Mental Health. We covenanted with God, each other, and the broader community to Welcome, Include, Support, and Engage everyone because we know one in four individuals lives with a diagnosable mental health condition. That means we, our loved ones, neighbors, work colleagues, faith leaders, and congregation members live with a variety of mental health and substance use challenges every day. Read our WISE Covenant below.

Due to stigma, many of these beloved people may be reluctant to seek professional help or speak about their experiences with their pastor or other members of their congregation. The impact of this marginalization can be devastating: individuals and families living with these challenges are left out of the web of care provided by churches and left to manage alone, sharing their stories only with close friends and family members. Here at Mountain View United, we have experienced how an atmosphere of acceptance in a congregation heals members, friends, and visitors as everyone feels free to share their gifts and struggles in a safe and non-judgemental environment. This openness nurtures a radically inclusive community where everyone can belong, no matter where they are on their life’s journey. To find out more about WISE Congregations, check out the United Church of Christ Mental Health Network or contact Pastor Tracy.